These are S.A.D. Times

Winter is here, and that means that many of us are going to start feeling the weight of winter pulling us down. With fewer hours of sunlight during winter months, some people experience a serious mood change know as Seasonal Affective Disorder. (SAD) Often known as the "wintertime blues", SAD is a form of depression that gains in prevalence during this time of year. Nearly 10 million Americans suffer from at least some sort of this disorder.

You might think that it only affects us here in the north, but people all over the world experience this same type of feeling as the seasons change. However, the further north you go, the more people are affected. Approximately 1% of the people living in Florida are affected, while the percentage of people in New England is around 10%.

Lifestyle changes can help manage these feelings of sadness or depression, such as getting adequate sleep, eating healthy foods, exercising often, and taking Vitamin D can often help. Our Vitamin D is often much lower because we get it from the sun. And one of the best things you can do is something you love to do! Its too cold to garden, so I have opted for the next best thing; making new soaps!

I have recently been experimenting with four flower-scented fragrances. They are tulip, violet, peony, and rose. These are some of my favorite floral scents. I've made a sample basket out of these, but they are also available individually. Check out the shop and smell for yourself. Maybe a pretty soap that smells like summer will be the perfect thing to chase away those wintertime blues. :)