No matter how you slice it, cheesy ideas can work

Cheeseheads wearing cheeseheads were out in full force Thursday when the Green Bay Packers took the field for their first NFL preseason game and win under new head coach Matt LaFleur.

What began in south Milwaukee in 1987 as a self-deprecating way for Packer fans to show their pride, cheeseheads quickly turned into a sign of unity and proved to be a money maker for Foamation’s “Father of Fromage” Ralph Bruno. Cheesehead products have now sold in all 50 states and over 30 nations around the globe, according to the company’s website.

These days, cheeseheads are no longer relegated merely to the head. There are wedge-shaped can koozies, cheesehead earrings and rings and cheesehead purses - so many cheesy options that I can feel my arteries hardening as we speak.

As the owner of Soap Garden, I’ve learned that it’s never too late to join a winning team. So about 9 years ago, my husband and I came up with a way to create our own version of a cheese head made from all-natural glycerin soap with a refreshing lemon fragrance. It’s now one of our most popular soaps and adds the perfect added touch to game days.

Having a Packer party at home? Cheesehead soap paired with a Packer hand towel works in the bathroom or the kitchen. It’s also a great idea for people in Green Bay who rent out their homes for Packer game days.

Looking for a cute gift for out-of-state friends and family? Cheesehead soap from the frozen tundra is perfect for birthdays or at Christmas. I’m sure the Bears and Vikings fans in your life would appreciate the gesture, too.

As author Avery Aames one said, “Life is great. Cheese makes it better.”

Even if it’s not on your head!