Most of us have a sportsman in our lives. Many of these men know the benefits of the herb anise. Anise oils, soap, and lotions have been used for centuries by avid Outdoors Sportsman, Fishermen and Hunters. The herb is well known for masking the human scent hiding the human presence to wildlife to create and assist in a bountiful hunt! This herb is also known to be especially effective for attracting fish and deer. This mold is special also. It is a beautifully detailed mold based on M.C. Escher’s famous “Bird/Fish (No. 22)” tessellation. If you look close enough you will see the fish and the birds.

Sportsman's Secret

Color: Brown


    Propylene Glycol

    Sodium Laureth Sulfate

    Srearic Acid

    Soduim Cocyl Isethionate