This listing is for four puzzle pieces of soap in the colors of red, blue, yellow, and green. Colors can be changed to suit your needs. The fragrance is called " Smoke and Mirrors" and is an exotic and mysterious scent. The four pieces come packaged in a clear cello bag as shown in the photo. I think this would be a great gift for your puzzle-loving friend or for a child's birthday party. The scent can be altered to better suit a child-like maybe a bubble gum fragrance.

Bright colored puzzle pieces are also a symbol of Autism Awareness. The puzzle pattern reflects the complexity of the autism spectrum. The different colors and shapes represent the diversity of the people and families living with the condition. The brightness signals hope — hope that through increased awareness of autism, and through early intervention and access to appropriate services/supports, people with autism will lead full lives able to interact with the world on their own terms.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Color: Multi-color
  • Sorbite

    Propylene Glycol

    Sodium Laureth Sulfate

    Srearic Acid

    Soduim Cocyl Isethionate